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“Is he the one for you? Take the guesswork out of your love life with the remarkable new Boyfriend App which quickly and easily shows you how to sift out the losers and choose the love of your life by tracking your own heart’s desire!”

Arielle Ford, bestselling author of The Soulmate Secret


“This app is revolutionary in what it will do for relationships. Never underestimate the power of a woman who’s been dumped to lead the rest of us to deeper levels of self-love and healthy partnership. Bravo, Linda!”

~ Marci Shimoff, New York Times bestselling author of Love for No Reason


“Linda is brilliant in her creation of The Boyfriend Log. It’s easy, friendly, and profound. In seeing relationship patterns through colors, any women can tap back into her intuition and empower herself to make decisions in love from a really authentic, clear place.”

~ Kavita J Patel, Love Coach,


“The Boyfriend Log app is simple and practical, yet I’ve never seen anything like it and can’t believe it’s never been done before—a mark of something that could very well change the world.
I wish I’d thought of it!”

~ Evan Marc Katz, Dating coach with over 5 million blog readers, + author of Why He Disappeared


“Linda, I am SO in LOVE with your app!!”

~ SARK, bestselling author of Succulent Wild Woman

“When you get sucked in through your heart, it doesn’t matter what your brain or intuition tell you. Using the Boyfriend Log every day clears the fog and gives you a clear picture of your relationship. In short, it puts your power in the palm of your hand.”

~ Orna & Matthew Walters

“The Boyfriend App is a much-needed resource for dating. Linda has created a simple and easy approach to keeping yourself on track while staying in touch with how you’re feeling instead of rationalizing your way in or out of relationships. Using this app is a sure path to more joy, love, and clarity. Way to go Linda!”

~ April Beyer, TV Host, Matchmaker and Relationship Coach

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