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Press Mentions


12/11/17 Inc. Columnist “A miraculous tool for changing patterns.”
11/29/17 CARMEL magazine The Word Wizard
06/17/2017 TEDWomen talk on TIME DEBT & The Boyfriend Log
10/27/2016 On the Blog The Boyfriend Log & Time Debting
04/18/2016 Glamour Magazine Spain Appy Together
02/01/2016 UK Glamour Magazine Appy Together
02/13/2015 ShinyShiny.TV After Tinder: Seven dating apps to keep your love alive #LoveWeek
12/26/2014 L.A. Times On the color-coded Boyfriend Log, too much blue means beware
08/28/2014 HSI Love in the Time of Technology: Apps for Couples
08/15/2014 iHeart Radio/Elvis Duran What’s Trending: The Boyfriend Log
08/06/2014 KISS 108fm Linda and The Boyfriend Log on Matty in the Morning
06/25/2014 SheKnows, UK The Boyfriend Log “Empowers Women”
05/23/2014 The New York Times Apps for the Lovelorn
05/21/2014 Women’s Health Should You Keep a Diary of Your Relationship? Because there’s an app for that
05/21/2014 Dial-a-Phone The Boyfriend Log iphone App Review
05/19/2014 PocketMeta The Boyfriend Log App: See Bad Signs in Advance
05/16/2014 The Huffington Post The Boyfriend Log App Will Tell You When Your Relationship Is Working–And When It Isn’t
05/16/2014 CBS Philadelphia App Allows Users To Track How Happy They Are In Their Relationship
05/16/2014 The Source The Boyfriend App Allows Users To Track How They Feel In Their Relationships
05/15/2014 Glamour Hmm, the Boyfriend Log Tracks Your Romantic Happiness. What Do We Think of Doing That?
05/15/2014 Ask Men The Boyfriend Log
05/14/2014 Video: News 24, Live Why The Boyfriend Log App Will Save Your Relationship
05/14/2014 Trend Hunter Tech Obsessive Boyfriend Tracker Apps
05/14/2014 Tech Tree The Boyfriend Log: An App That Uses Data To Help You Find ‘The One’
05/14/2014 InfoNubia, Africa Heartbroken Woman Develops “The Boyfriend Log”
05/14/2014 Orange for happy, blue for sad
05/13/2014 Pocket-lint The Boyfriend Log gives colour-coded hints when you’re in an unhealthy relationship
05/13/2014 Engadget The Boyfriend Log merges data obsession with your love life
04/17/2014 Tech Faster Boyfriend Tracking, There’s An App For That
04/17/2014 International Business Times Relationship Doubts? Perhaps you need the Boyfriend Log App.
04/16/2014 The Daily Life The case for keeping a ‘boyfriend log’
04/10/2014 iOSnoops: Hottest Apps on the Apple Store The Boyfriend Log: The Daily Journal That Keeps Track of Your Love Life–Our Verdict: Great!

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