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Staying safe, marrying well

….and other things we love right now

“Without friendship, Jim and I are not much more than two very different, stressed-out adults living in the same house with a lot of bills, cranky children, and dirty floors. With it we become two people engaged with one another, interested in the day’s happenings, and tangled in one another’s dreams and disappointments⎯even with the bills, the children, and the very dirty floors.” 
― Regina Donahue

Relationship wisdom

The beautiful quote above was something we loved from a Verily article called “Why I Married My Best Friend“. We thought you might appreciate the piece as well.

On the other hand, what to do when you realize your relationship is full of alarming red flag days? If you’re thinking of leaving your relationship, and feeling afraid for your safety, the following Huffington Post article is a must-read: “How To Stay Safe After Leaving An Abusive Relationship.”


A reader let us know that The Boyfriend Log was reviewed inWomen’s Health. We don’t know how we missed this one, but it’s a fun review: “Should You Keep a Diary of Your Relationship?”.

We are also thrilled with the meaningful feedback and reviews we receive from you. Here are just a couple of examples that touch our hearts still:

“Hi Linda, Thank you so much for your creativity! I use your app for the men that I’m dating. Honestly, I’m 32 years old and my past relationships have all been friends prior. I lost a boyfriend to suicide 3 years ago so I’m finally ready to love like my heart has never been broken before. Since I’ve never dated before this is a whole new realm for me. I track each guy I’m dating as well as myself and my emotional health. This gives me a clear picture of how I was feeling the when I see the men I’m dating and helps me analyze my and actions. Hope this helps others as much as it’s helped me.”

“I Love this APP!!! I am going to make sure it is in my daughter’s tool kit as she is starting high school this year. Never too early to start learning about your relationship!”

We are very grateful to everyone who’s downloaded the app, left reviews, and been so supportive!


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