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I’m so glad you’re here.



What started out as a mere thought a year ago—I wonder if I can turn my diary into an app so women everywhere can make sense of their love lives like I did?—is now, seemingly miraculously, an iPhone app! Okay, it took a crap-ton of work (that’s a technical term), but it still feels like magic. Growing up in the same hometown—Los Altos—of Steve Jobs, who invented Apple in a garage not far from my house, didn’t hurt my motivation any.

I hope The Boyfriend Log will help you see your romantic patterns so you can change them if you like, or simply appreciate what you have. Maybe you’ll be amazed by all the good you have to track. That’s always fun!

Come back often. We’ve got BIG plans for expansion of the app—this is just the beginning. And, we’ll be bringing you our favorite relationship support as we go.

I feel enormously blessed to be here. To work with such AMAZING people here at The Boyfriend Log. And to have such a great boyfriend. I’m grateful I’ve gone through all I have to get here. Hopefully my experience will enrich your own.

Much love to you and yours. I wish you a future of beautiful, green pastures!


Linda Sivertsen

Launch day: April 8, 2014



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