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Cold nights, warm hearts

…and other things we love right now
A good relationship feels “flooded by daylight.” – Charlotte Davis Kasl

Relationship wisdom

As the the days get shorter, and the nights get colder, we can still get light and warmth from a good relationship.

One way to keep the daylight in your love life is to avoid the word “should.” Psychologist Dr. Jeffrey Bernstein explains that,  “Thinking ‘should’ about someone you love or being on the receiving end of a ‘should’ creates negative energy and, over time, can be toxic…”

In this article, Dr. Bernstein suggests replacing the “shoulds” you think and speak with “woulds.”  For example, “You should know how I feel”  becomes “I would like you to please hear me out on this.” This tip, practiced regularly, can really help a relationship stay brighter.

If you’re still looking for Mr. or Ms. Right this holiday season, we’ve got an article for you. While it’s great that there are so many online dating services bringing new couples together (and Linda, our creator, met her guy of nearly 5 years online), if you’ve been particularly frustrated by your online matchmaking experiences, take heart knowing that some people are just better in person! Check out When Online Dating Isn’t Right for You to be validated and reminded of other great ways to meet someone.


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