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BFL hits apple’s bestseller’s list:)

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Doing a little happy dance around here today. We’ve been climbing the sales charts at apple, and today we’re #5. (Last night we were at lucky #13.) This is all new to me, but I’m guessing it’s no different than book bestseller lists–meaning, it’s a good thing. More important, though, are the emails I’m getting from women (and a few men!), saying this app is a game changer for them. It’s helping them get clear. Strong. Happier. Helping them appreciate the good in their relationships, and make healthy changes when things just aren’t feeling right.

Have you’ve seen some of the press we’ve been receiving?¬†Feeling very blessed over here. Lots more in the works, including some incredible TV shows in the fall. Yesterday was a personal dream-come-true day when the Huffington Post ran a beautiful article on the app. Of all the press we’ve received so far, that one left me giddy.

Thank you for taking this journey with me/us here at The Boyfriend Log. We’re putting the final touches on The Girlfriend Log now, and working on the Android version, too. So much to do, but so happy to be able to do it. Will keep you posted on the updates. And, follow us on twitter,¬†Facebook, and Pinterest¬†for more immediate news and fun things in the world of relationships.

Big love to you!


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